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Helping Hands Autism Support Group was formed in 2008 by parents who wanted to build a better future for their children, who have a diagnosis of Autism and Aspergers syndrome. 

As with most families when a diagnosis is received you search frantically to find information and support in you're local area, these parents searched but to no avail. So, they took it upon themselves to build that support network and now provide youth facilities, ipads for autism, training sessions, a resource library, residential, signpost service and parents evenings, to ensure that no other families in their area have to search further than Helping Hands.

What makes Helping Hands that bit different, is that we as parents put our heart and soul into everything we try to accomplish, we include all members of the family including siblings, grandparents etc, and all services are provided voluntary by the parents within the group.

We are waiting for you to get in touch, our childrens’ needs are the same needs everyone faces when living with Autism, Helping Hands will provide that bit of hope that all families are crying out for and so badly need. No longer does Autism have to be the end of the world, instead it's the beginning to a new journey for you and your family.