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Autism is a spectrum disorder and children can be diagnosed with Aspergers, High Functioning Autism or Classic Autism. Some children also have a learning difficulty or other additional needs. All of these diagnosis are widely referred to as an ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder. Children diagnosed with Aspergers or high functioning Autism do have the potential to integrate fully within society if the correct strategies are put in place. Children diagnosed with classic Autism can have more serious problems and may always need some kind of help and support throughout their lives.

An ASD causes children to experience the world differently from the way most other kids do. It's difficult for these children to talk with other people and express themselves using words. Children who have Autism usually keep to themselves and many can't communicate without special help. They also may react to what's going on around them in unusual ways.
Normal sounds may really bother someone with Autism and Aspergers — so much so that the person covers his or her ears. Being touched, even in a gentle way, may feel uncomfortable.
These kids often can't make connections that other kids make easily. For example, when someone smiles, you know the smiling person is happy or being friendly. But a child with an ASD may have trouble connecting that smile with the person's happy feelings.
A child who has an ASD also has trouble linking words to their meanings. Imagine trying to understand what your mum is saying if you didn't know what her words really mean. It is doubly frustrating then if a child can't come up with the right words to express his or her own thoughts, this in turn can lead to the child shutting out all communications to live in their own world where they find it easier to cope.
Autism and Aspergers can cause children to act in unusual ways. They might flap their hands, say certain words over and over, have temper tantrums, or play only with one particular toy. Most of these kids don't like changes in routines. They like to stay on a schedule that is always the same. They also may insist that their toys or other objects be arranged a certain way and get upset if these items are moved or disturbed.
If someone has an ASD his or her brain has trouble with an important job: how to make sense of the world around them. Every day, your brain interprets the sights, sounds, smells, and other sensations that you experience. If your brain couldn't help you understand these things, you would have trouble functioning, talking, going to school, and doing other everyday stuff.
Our children have brighter futures when they have the support and understanding of doctors, teachers, caregivers, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends.There is no cure for Autism, but, children with a diagnosis can overcome a lot of difficulties with the right support and care. The earlier a child starts treatment and therapies for their difficulties the better.

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